Woodworking Jointer Review

Product Review: Enco 6-inch Woodworking Jointer

5/5 star rating
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This is the first real piece of equipment I bought so it has many years of use on it. Before I started metalworking, I was making traditional wood furniture for my house. I had a Craftsman table saw but needed to get good straight and smooth edges for the glue joints in the tabletops. I looked at the Craftsman jointers but they were asking about $400 for a 4-inch jointer of very mediocre quality. Enco had been mailing me flyers for a few years, so I took a chance and bought the 6-inch jointer for $239 (now $329).

I picked up the jointer in Tampa. We managed to get the 200+ pound box into my car and I drove home. The manual looked to be photocopied on rice paper. The stand required assembly before the motor could be attached. The motor appeared to be brush painted with flat black paint. I didn't know how long it would last.. Soon, I had the stand up and the jointer installed on top. I wired up the motor and pushed the start button. It sprang to life. I cleaned the oil coating off of the ground table tops and set the table height for 1 /32 inch cut. The knobs were a little small but since I have never needed to change the depth of cut, It does not matter.

This jointer just keeps on going. My fears about the motor were unfounded. I have grown so accustomed to using this jointer for all kinds of things that I don't know how anyone could work without it. It has become an essential part of my pattern-making equipment. I have added a sheet metal dust collection shoot to it because it can really make some chips in a short amount of time. I will have to give it 5 stars and say it is a must have for the small woodworker. Recently it has been on sale for $175, what a super value! You will not be disappointed with this little jewel.

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